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Sublimate your surfaces

First European femtosecond platform for industrials

A breakthrough

Femtosecond lasers (10-15s) generate a specific interaction between the photons and the targeted material resulting in an impact controlled sublimation: precise, reproducible and without unwanted heat diffusion effect.

The technology enables the cutting, engraving and functionalization of materials through an eco-friendly dry processing with low electrical consumption and no additional
chemicals required.

… in an ecosystem fostering

scientific transfer to industry

Manutech EIG’s value chain

An open platform
for industrials

Gravure et marquage Manutech USD

Engraving & marking

Engrave and mark the surface of a material with a topography controlled down to a nanometric precision. Marking is also possible within certain materials.


Go through any material (wood, plastic, cardboard, metal…) with limited thermal impact and micrometric precision at high-processing speed.

Surface functionalisation

Transform the properties of a material to give it new functionalities in order to improve its performances (adherence, friction, wettability, cellular growth, conductivity, waves trap…)

Femtosecond: an infinitesimal
unit of time

In 100 femtoseconds, light doesn’t have the time to go through a hair.

The interaction time is inferior to the atoms vibration time.

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