Applications :
cutting & engraving

  • Tool diameter down to 20 μm

  • Laserbeam precision ±2 μm in x,y,z, and ±2 μrad in θ

  • No deformation of the part / material

  • No impact

  • No impact on the material’s integrity

  • No oxydation

  • Layer by layer micrometric matter removal

Applications :

Color separation through diffraction grating

Periodical nanostructurations

Absolute black

Light trap generated by micrometric surface profiles


Micrometric picking

  • Coloring obtained through micrometric pickling of stacked layers of paint (~10 μm each)
  • Extreme precision of the pickling: 10 μm / 20 μm /30 μm revealing crosslayer nuances
  • Resolution of 30,000 dpi (1 µm pixel size)


Modification of surface chemistry

fonctionalised surfaces


  • The lotus flower as a model for hydrophobic/ self-cleaning surfaces
  • Multi-scale structuration: micrometric studs and nanometric surfacing

Hydro / Aerodynamism

  • Shark skin as a model for the improvement of nautic performances
  • Anti-fouling function through microstructuration


  • Modification of cells migration / shape/ trajectory.
  • Migration of mesenchymal stem cells on a ti64al4v sample surface.

Cellular adherence

  • Improved bio-compatibility on dental and bone implants
  • Combination of micrometric and nanometric structuation to obtain the required cell adherence

Tribologie - Friction

  • Friction reduction through micro-drilling
  • Engine consumption reductionI
  • Increased lifespan
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Tribologie - Mechanical performance

  • Shock peening to improve mechanical performances: hardness, avoidance of cracks, etc.
  • Spallation and surface irregularities generated by the laser impact